Batman - Motion Capture

Working at Game On Audio gave me the chance to embrace different audio roles like mo-cap technician. We collaborated with Warner Bros. Montreal for Batman : Arkham Origins on the motion capture for in-game cinematics. My role was to manage audio and video data flux on stage (voice recording, video ref recording, and audio ref broadcasting)  using 4 remoted ProTools in real time/ 

Ubisoft - Voice recording

Additionnaly to motion capture and sound design for outsourced projects, I had the chance to manage voice recording sessions (English and French) as audio engineer for various Ubisoft productions such as Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, Assassin's Creed : Revelation. 

Role / 

Mo-cap tech / Voice recording


Company / 

Game On Audio


Year / 


Tiny Brains - Additional Sound Design

During my time at  Game On Audio, I started the collaboration with SpearHead Games for their project Tiny Brains. A collaborative-multiplayer puzzle-platformer game. Considering the other projects I've had to track in the same time (Outlast, Batman, voice recordings) I wasn't able to spend enough time on it then, other talented sound designers took over the rest of the project.