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I am a French Sound-designer with a strong passion for audio exploration, from sound recording to hard manipulation.

Sounds are like ingredients for a Chef, when chosen precisely, manipulated smartly, you can reach original flavors. 

Have been working in audio production since 15 years and specialized in game-audio since 10 years now, I had the chance experiencing various audio-production roles (Voice recording, Motion-Capture, Mixing and of course Sound Design) giving me a large overview of the entire audio-production pipeline for indies and AAA games.

My strengh are based on creative audio design and interactive/dynamic audio systems. 

Engines : Wwise, Unreal Engine

DAW : Reaper

Softs : SoundToys, Glitchmachines, Kilohearts, Izotope, SoundParticles, Tsugi, Reaktor (Woosh, SLayer, Drone-E, Form, etc..)



13 rue Joseph Duchêne,

74000 Annecy, FRANCE

Tel: +33621363642

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